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7 Redecorating Ideas to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home


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7 Redecorating Ideas to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

When you’re living in a rented home, it can feel like you’re living in someone else’s space. Your home might feel a little cold and impersonal — like it isn’t designed with you and your family’s needs in mind. Below are seven ideas to make your rented abode feel like home, presented to you by Stacey Hennessey.

1. Declutter Every Room

Decluttering is one of the first steps you can take to create a more relaxing space. Start with your shelves. Only keep items that add value and enjoyment to your life; donate or throw away everything else. Next, go through each room in your house and get rid of excess clutter.

2. Paint a Feature Wall

To create a focal point in your space and make it feel more like your own, paint a feature wall. It could be an accent wall or a monochromatic scheme. If you have kids, your feature could create a fun play area. If you work from home, painting one of your walls bright red will add some excitement to your workspace.

3. Add Artwork

Not only will art make your space more beautiful, but it can also improve your mood and productivity by setting a positive tone. Remember it doesn’t need to be anything fancy; even prints from online galleries can add some character.

4. Decorative Items

Decorative blankets and pillows can add a personal touch and make your rental feel more like home. Candles also help give off a warm vibe, especially if you’re working from home — and they make any space smell great.

5. Add Plants and Greenery

Houseplants bring life and energy into your space, especially if you live in a more modern or minimalist apartment. Choose plants that complement existing furniture and decor in your home. For example, don’t pick out super-busy plants for a minimalistic space.

6. Time for a Change

If you want a new living space, take your time and find a place that fits all of your needs. You can do this by keeping an eye out for new developments in your community or browsing open houses in up-and-coming neighborhoods. But it’s also important not to get discouraged if you don’t find something right away. If you’re planning on purchasing your next Appleton home, spend time researching the housing market in your desired area.

7. Redecorating Your Home Office

There are things you can do to create a more functional workspace. Eliminate distractions to ensure good time management, and get an ergonomic office chair that provides maximum comfort and support for hours at a time. An ergonomic chair helps you avoid back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by poor posture while working in front of a computer all day. With a few tweaks to your workspace, you can create a relaxing setting that keeps you at ease while you work.

Make it Feel Like Home

Whether you’re living in a studio apartment or a house with roommates, it can feel like your living space isn’t right for you. If you want to change your interior design, there are many ways to redecorate and make your rental property feel like home.

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